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The ProPlanner dive planning software is supplied free to use and distribute but without support or fit for purpose guarantees. VR Technology and the author will not be able to provide suppport for installation, operation or decompression information for this software. Computer expertise is always useful and advised when installing and running any software. The software has been made to run on PCs running Windows XP and Windows Vista with administration rights. The software is supplied in a zip file which must be unzipped after downloading, and the enclosed setup file executed. If you agree with these terms click I agree below. Otherwise exit..

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The VRx dive computer and VGM algorithm will be launched at DEMA 2008 in October.

It will be launched in Europe at the Dive 2008 show in November.

For dealer and product information, please contact us at sales@vr3.co.uk or by phone at 44-(0)-1202-624478.






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