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Variable Gradient Model - VGM


The Leader in Technical Dive Computers releases the VGM Variable Gradient Model decompression algorithm for the VRx dive computer

- Automatic gradient factor adjustment
Free download
- Spreadsheet file output
- User adjustable decompression parameters give longer and shorter deco times

VGM uses the latest decompression algorithm techniques incorporating the best of Gradient factors, bubble models and Haldane dissolved gas models. Read more..

VGM info

VGM on the VR X

VGM background

VGM downloads

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VGM info download


All information is subject to change. Copyright Nick Bushell 2008


The VRx dive computer and VGM algorithm have been launched at DEMA 2008 in October.

It will be launched in Europe at the Dive 2008 show in November.

For dealer and product information, please contact us at sales@vr3.co.uk or by phone at 44-(0)-1202-624478.






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