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VRX - Dive computer info


The Leader in Technical Dive Computers releases the VRx - the latest addition to the VR range of dive computers:

·           Built in torch
·           Range of colours
·           Low profile design
·           High resolution graphics
·           Military specification available
·           Enhanced ergonomic functionality
·           NEW - VGM deco algorithm
·           Rebreather monitor, 1 or 3 cell
·           ROHS compliant
·           Replaceable, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system/4 year battery warranty!!

The VRX is the latest in dive computing technology. For a limited period the ‘08 model will come fully loaded as a Closed Circuit Trimix computer (C1 to C4 PIN's supplied) with rebreather port activated.

Picture shows VRx with optional
Power Monkey charger and adaptor


VGM info

VGM on the VRx


Display modes
In display modes there are two additional features:

Automatic display flip
The A option for the Flip mode causes the screen to be automatically flipped over if the VR is turned upside down. This means the display will auto rotate to show the information the right way up, even if you have turned the VR upside down.

vrx info 1
Twist mode for mini screen jumping
Setting Twist mode on allows the user to skip through the mini screens in the main dry screen by twisting the VR to the right 90degrees or to the left 90degrees. The unit has to be held for half a second or so to trigger the mini screen change. A twist to the right will be equivalent to a short right button push, so the mini screen will change to the next one as though a short press of the right button had been performed. A twist to the left is equivalent to a short left button push and will change the mini screen accordingly.

vrx info 2

Twist right>

vrx info 3



The VRX is fitted with an LED torch. The control for this is found in the Dive options screen. There are three settings:

  • N = torch always off
  • Y = torch is always on when the VR is on
  • A = torch turns on when the VR is on and turned face down. The torch stays on for 10seconds after the VR is returned to a non-face down position.


Note: The torch is intended as a last resort backup when diving, and should not be considered as an alternative to a good dive torch.

vx info 4

vrx info 5



The VRx is available in a range of colour options as well as standard grey:

  • Chrome plated
  • Red anodised
  • Gold anodised
  • Blue anodised

Power Monkey
charging option

We are pleased to announce our association with Power Traveller who make a superb range of mobile charging products. With our special adaptor, you can charge your VRx with their Power Monkey shown here. The Power Monkey will also charge your mobile phone, iPod and most MP3/4 products. The Power Monkey itself can be charged from its own world wide mains supply, or its Solar Cell or a computer USB port. Please visit the Power Monkey web site for full details. The VRx adaptor is only available when buying the Power Monkey option from VR Technology Ltd - Part# 2014.



The VRX is fitted with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. A multi-voltage charger is supplied, that will recharge a completely flat battery in approximately 3 hours.

The battery level is shown in percentage on the main front dry screen. A full battery will give the approximate performance:

  • Total sleep time without use = 6 months
  • On time with backlight on = 10 hours
  • On time with backlight off = 20 hours
  • On time with torch and backlight on = 8 hours

The battery comes with a 4 year warranty. The lithium battery can also be serviced and replaced at the factory. Do not take the VR apart or change the battery yourself. Warranty is void if the VR has been opened or tampered with.

solar charger

VGM info download


The VRx dive computer and VGM algorithm will be launched at DEMA 2008 in October.

It will be launched in Europe at the Dive 2008 show in November.

For dealer and product information, please contact us at sales@vr3.co.uk or by phone at 44-(0)-1202-624478.



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