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VRX - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you get rid of the AA battery that is popular on the VR3?
The AA battery compartment on the VR3 adds weight and size to the case compared to the VRx. We designed the VRx as a lighter smaller unit and with more functionality. If you need the instant battery change, then you need the VR3. However, the quick charge options using the Power Monkey allow the VRx to be charged anywhere. The Power Monkey can itself be charged with the Solar Power adaptor, or universal power supply. The power Monkey can also charge most phones, iPods and MP3/4 players.

How does Flip, Twist and Torch (mode-A) work?
Flip and Twist allow screen and menus to change by turning the VRx to different angles and orientations. These features only change the screen, they do not change any dive or gas settings. This ensures that settings are not accidentally changed by inadvertent movements of the VRx. The movements and orientation of the VRx is detected using a special electronic component called an accelerometer. This type of chip is in many modern electronic devices that can flip screens and detect motion. When the Torch mode is set to A (automatic) the accelerometer detects when the VRx is facing down and turns the torch on.


How do the bezels fit to the VRx?
The VRx can have different coloured bezels fitted. To replace the bezel, first the old bezel must be removed. There are two plastic clips that hold the bezel on. Turn the VRx over so that you can see the back of the clips. Ease out the rubber between the clip and the edge of the bezel. The clip can then be pushed out and the bezel removed.

To fit the new bezel, first push the clips into the holes on the bezel, then clip the bezel over the VRx. Then refit the retaining rubbers to the side of the clips behind the bezel so that the clips can not spring back out.

The bezels come in 4 different colours: Chrome, Blue, Red, Gold and Grey


How can I recharge my VRx?
The VRx is supplied with a multi-standard universal world wide power supply that charges the VRx through its connector. The power supply comes complete with interfaces that fit most household mains connectors around the world. The time to charge a completely empty battery is approximately 3 hours.

The VRx can also be charged using the Power Traveller Power Monkey with special adaptor cable from VR Technology. This opens up the possibilities to keep the VRx fully charged when in the most remote parts of the world. The Power Monkey is itself a rechargeable system that can be charged from its Solar Cell, or universal mains charger. A fully charged Power Monkey can charge the VRx fully about 3 times. It is an ideal tool to keep the VRx and Sentinel rebreather fully charged after every dive.

Power Traveller make a superb range of mobile charging products. With our adaptor, you can charge your VRx with their Power Monkey shown here. The Power Monkey will also charge your mobile phone, iPod and most MP3/4 products. The Power Monkey itself can be charged from its own world wide mains supply or its solar cell, the Solar Monkey. Please visit the Power Monkey web site for full details. The VRx adaptor is only available when buying the Power Monkey option from VR Technology Ltd - Part# 2014.


How long will the VRx battery run?
The battery level is shown in percentage on the main front dry screen. A full battery will give the approximate performance:

  • Total sleep time without use = 6 months
  • On time with backlight on = 10 hours
  • On time with backlight off = 20 hours
  • On time with torch and backlight on = 8 hours

In practice, the battery can last for a full weeks diving, depending on light usage, and surface activity. We recommend keeping the VRx topped up, as you would your mobile phone.

The battery comes with a 4 year warranty. The lithium battery can also be serviced and replaced at the factory. Do not take the VR apart or change the battery yourself. Warranty is void if the VR has been opened or tampered with.


Is VGM just an estimate for better decompression?
The Variable Gradient Model VGM is an improvement on previous algorithms for technical diving. Decompression algorithms can not model all the body's physiology, let alone variations in different bodies and variations of one body on a day by day basis. All decompression algorithms just model some of the major attributes affecting decompression for a very good healthy well hydrated fit diver. Therefore all bubble and decompression algorithms are only an approximation to achieving a good decompression. Algorithms are regularly being updated and improved. VGM has been implemented based on feedback and dive records from many experienced divers, and it is the input of real technical divers in the choice of these settings that has made VR Technology and its team at the forefront of technical diving product design for over 20 years. Further variations can also be inputted by the diver to adjust the decompression to his/her know limitations or attributes.
Even if your dive computer or PC generated software allows for less conservatism and a reduction in decompression times this should not be arbitrarily undertaken without first researching data available from other divers/agencies, conducting controlled trials and understanding that you may be undertaking a level of experimentation in order to adjust the algorithm for your specific needs.

Read more on VGM..


VGM info download


The VRx dive computer and VGM algorithm have been launched at DEMA 2008 in October.

It will be launched in Europe at the Dive 2008 show in November.

For dealer and product information, please contact us at sales@vr3.co.uk or by phone at 44-(0)-1202-624478.


The Leader in Technical Dive Computers releases the VRx - the latest addition to the VR range of dive computers:

·           Built in torch
·           Range of colours
·           Low profile design
·           High resolution graphics
·           Military specification available
·           Enhanced ergonomic functionality
·           NEW - VGM deco algorithm
·           Rebreather monitor, 1 or 3 cell
·           ROHS compliant
·           Replaceable, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system/4 year battery warranty!!

The VRX is the latest in dive computing technology. For a limited period the ‘08 model will come fully loaded as a Closed Circuit Trimix computer (C1 to C4 PIN's supplied) with rebreather port activated.

Picture shows VRx with optional
Power Monkey charger and adaptor


VGM info

VGM on the VRx


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