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VRX - Accessories

C5 - PC Link option
Windows XP software to allow downloading of dives to a PC.

C7a - Screen Guard
Adhesive plastic screen protector.



C8 series
VR have a range of oxygen cell interface options, including mechanical connections to Inspiration and Draeger rebreathers.


cell interface


C32 - Colur screen
Enjoy full colour on your VRx. Use of colour enhances ease of reading and makes warning levels intuitive by having red/yellow/green messages displayed.


green message

yellow message

red message


VGM info download


The VRx dive computer and VGM algorithm have been launched at DEMA 2008 in October.

It will be launched in Europe at the Dive 2008 show in November.

For dealer and product information, please contact us at sales@vr3.co.uk or by phone at 44-(0)-1202-624478.


The Leader in Technical Dive Computers releases the VRx - the latest addition to the VR range of dive computers:

·           Built in torch
·           Range of colours
·           Low profile design
·           High resolution graphics
·           Military specification available
·           Enhanced ergonomic functionality
·           NEW - VGM deco algorithm
·           Rebreather monitor, 1 or 3 cell
·           ROHS compliant
·           Replaceable, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system/4 year battery warranty!!

The VRX is the latest in dive computing technology. For a limited period the ‘08 model will come fully loaded as a Closed Circuit Trimix computer (C1 to C4 PIN's supplied) with rebreather port activated.

Picture shows VRx with optional
Power Monkey charger and adaptor


VGM info

VGM on the VRx


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