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Sentinel Instructors

Robin Bashor
Mitsu Tanaka
Rich Stevenson
Paul Lijnen
Marc Crane
Robin   Bashor
Alex Zerbi
John Griffin
Stephen Phillips
Greg Such
Phil Short
Alan Wright
Steve Cowley
Martin Robson
Edwardo Pavia
Simon Bulter
Eric Keiblier
Randy Thornton
Arno Graner
Rasmus Lauritsen
Phil Sudan
Dave Cooper
Mark Derrick
JongSub Park
Paul Toomer





The Latest in sports rebreathers from the makers of the Ouroboros rebreather and VR dive computer

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The Sentinel Rebreather was launched for the sports diving world at the Dive 2007 show in Birmingham, England, and at DEMA 2007 in October.

We are currently accepting Sentinel orders for delivery in the first half of 2009. Please contact us at or by phone at 44-(0)-1202-624478.


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