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Rear view with back cover removed showing:

Counterlung, canister head, Rear HUD, Canister Tube, Canister Base, Diluent cylinder, Oxygen cylinder,Over Pressure valve


Side view showing case, rear facing hud, breathing hoses and oxygen cylinder sentinelside

Sentinel FAQs

Q: How much does the Sentinel weigh?
A: 31 kg in shipping crate without cylinders. It can be separated into several pieces for easy transport if required.

Q: Is the Sentinel CE approved?
A: It has been tested and certified to EN14143. Acceptable minor exceptions to the standard are listed in the operations manual.
It is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000. Article 11b

Q: How long will the scrubber last?
A: 185 minutes at CE testing rates in 40 metres of water on an air diluent and 150 minutes at CE testing rates in 100 metres of water on a heliox diluent. It is the most efficient per kg of any commercially available rebreather currently on the market.

Q: How much absorbent does the Sentinel hold?
A: 2.2kg of 797 grade 1 to 2.5 mm sofnolime granules.

Q: Does the Sentinel have a CO2 detector?
A: No but it uses a thermal profile monitor (TPM) to measure the temperature of the absorbent in the scrubber, this in turn is displayed as a graph on the primary display. The software also counts the solenoid fires and calculates a percentage remaining based on O2 metabolism.

Q: What level of Sentinel do I need to purchase?
A: The Sentinel is available at 3 levels:
Level 1 Air Diluent 40m recommended depth limit.
Level 2 single gas Trimix Diluent 60m recommended depth limit.
Level 3 multiple gas Trimix Diluent 100m recommended depth limit.

Q: How much does the Sentinel cost?
A: RRP Level 1 unit £4500.00 inc UK VAT
RRP Level 2 unit £5000.00 inc UK VAT
RRP Level 3 unit £5400.00 inc UK VAT

Q: What cylinder size can I use on the Sentinel?
A: Level 1 units use a 2-litre O2 cylinder and a 3 -litre 300 bar diluent cylinder. Level 2 and 3 units come standard with 2-litre cylinders. All cylinders have AP type pillar valves. There is an option to fit offboard gas whips to the Sentinel this will allow larger cylinders with different mixes to be used on the unit.

Q: What types of O2 sensors are fitted to the Sentinel?
A: Teledyne R17D sensors.

Q: What BC or backplate can I use with the Sentinel?
A: The Sentinel has its own specially designed backplate and wing. The harness on the backplate is webbing and can be adjusted by the user.

Q: Is the Sentinel easy to set up?
A: Yes, oxygen cell calibration is automatic. No tools are required for daily maintenance / setup.
The counterlung is easily removed for cleaning. The complete pre dive checklist is available on the main display.

Q: How do I purchase a Sentinel?
A: The Sentinel can be purchased through one of our dealers Training is then provided by one of our approved instructors.

Q: Does the Sentinel have a bailout valve?
A: Yes it has a bailout valve fitted to the bottom of the mouthpiece; this is connected into the onboard diluent cylinder.

Q: How many displays does the Sentinel have?
A: The Sentinel has a primary colour display and a separate backup PO2 display along with a HUD and rear mounted buddy HUD.

Q: What type of batteries does the Sentinel use?
A: The Sentinel uses lithium polymer rechargeable batteries with a 60-hour life and a 6-hour recharge time. The Sentinel can also be recharged with our optional solar charger.

Q: Can the user upgrade the Sentinel software?
A: Yes this can be uploaded through our Prolink software and from updates on the website. Options for alternate decompression algorithms and downloading can be purchased and entered by the user via our PIN system.

Q: How can I receive training on the Sentinel?
A: Training is available through our dealers / instructors, also please check with your recognised training agency for a list of approved instructors.


Sentinel Downloads

Sentinel Manual

Sentinel Maintenance Chart

Sentinel Gas Layout

Sentinel Turn on and Menu flow

Sentinel Al Prop

Sentinel Fax Order form

The Sentinel Rebreather was launched for the sports diving world at the Dive 2007 show in Birmingham, England, and at DEMA 2007 in October.

We are currently accepting Sentinel orders for delivery in the first half of 2009. Please contact us at or by phone at 44-(0)-1202-624478.






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