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Rebreather training with the Ouroboros CCR  
Course details
Course details
The Ouroboros is a sophisticated closed circuit mixed gas rebreather and thus requires a focused approach to training for both beginners and those crossing over from other units. A
weeks course is based at £600 (uk sterling) and covers a week of intense learning to gain a pre determined amount of in-water minutes to include survival skills as well as lectures
and unit stripping and rebuilding. To pass the course you will be required to achieve a certain % in a final exam as well as show evidence throughout that you are suited to the level of diving you will enter when you walk away with your Ouroboros closed circuit rebreather.

The Units computer will lock you out from accessing trimix codes which form software upgrades from the factory unique to you, the software requires a minimum of 50 hours use before trimix codes can be entered. This is a safety feature designed into the unit to ensure customers gain the necessary understanding of the unit while gaining confidence in shallow
water. A full course agenda of what is required will appear as a download on this site. There is a complete list of instructors on this site.
Ouroboros Instructor and Instructor Trainer Kevin Gurr

United Kingdom
Tel:- +44 (0) 1202 624478

Marine engineer, professional diver and explorer Kevin Gurr is the designer behind the Ouroboros rebreather and the VR3 dive computer and the man who co-designed the unit. Kevin's concept to fulfill the
requirements of a rebreather with safety fundamentals built-in, began in the early 1990's when he tested several designs of prototype units. His history of rebreathers stems back to the early days of mixed gas rebreathers alongside Bill Stone and Richard Pyle, and for a while taught students to dive
the Cis Lunar Mark 4. Kevin was one of the Uk's first technical divers and was responsible for setting up
IANTD in the UK during the early 1990's. Since then Kevin has taught many of the Uk's technical diving instructors although during the new millennium he has reduced his training commitment to focus on marine engineering projects which included the to fully develop the Ouroboros closed circuit rebreather.
Kevin is a Director of VR Technology Ltd and Delta P Technology and is based in Dorset England

Ouroboros instructor and Instructor Trainer Phill Short

United Kingdom
Assisting with the original design & development of the Ouroboros rebreather, Phil Short worked for and was trained by Kevin Gurr for many years within Kevin's Phoenix Oceaneering training operation. Today Phil works for himself and is established throughout the community as one of the UK’s leading technical instructors. His full details can be seen on his own website listed above. Phil has been instrumental in modern day exploration aside from his full time training business, his involvement in UK cave exploration is well documented as well as in Russian and many other country's. Phil has made over 5000 dives and there is very little that he does not teach in the technical structure of diver development. He has taught many IANTD instructors himself as well as several well known divers and is based in Dorset England.

Recommended by many as one of the top UK instructors in technical diving, his courses can be tailored to suit your location and training needs. Drop him an email today.

Ouroboros Instructor Alan Wright

United Kingdom
Alan Wright knows the Ouroboros rebreather only too well as not only was he a development diver for the Ouroboros rebreather factory during the entire development of the unit (see development team) he was also one of the first to train as an instructor on this particular unit.

Back ground, wreck diver and charter skipper. Alan has been diving mixed gas and diving rebreathers since the early 1990's and is an IANTD instructor of technical and advanced diving. Alan ran the family business charter vessel MV Salutay from the northern coastline of Ireland but now lives on the south UK mainland, and has been instrumental in the area of new shipwreck discovery. Alan dives deep wrecks and was a member of Kevin Gurr's Britannic 1997 expedition he was also selected for the original closed circuit saturation team and trained with the other three development divers at the Fort William SAT diving center. Alan is a professional diver at work and has been involved in several commercial operations. Alan Lives in Poole Dorset (UK) and currently works in the Ouroboros factory and can provide training in the UK and elsewhere.

Contact Alan on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor and Instructor Trainer Pim van der Horst

Pim started diving in 1983 at the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands). He came in contact with technical diving when nitrox was introduced in The Netherlands in the early nineties. A next step was rebreather diving. He had to seek training abroad and came into contact with Kevin Gurr (IANTD Uk). Technical diving and especially rebreather diving got the interest of Pim and he continued his technical training. He started up his own technical diving school Pim’s Tekdiving (PTD) which now has several facilities in The Netherlands. He became Trimix IT for IANTD. In 2004 Pim made a cross over to ANDI. He now is Level 5 IT (CC/OC) for ANDI and is Managing Director for ANDI Europe. Pim trained over a 1000 divers. Pim has a column on technical diving in the dutch “Duikmagazine”. He is the author of a technical diving book. Pim is also hosting the independent Ouroboros Forum.

Contact Pim on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor / Instructor trainer
Rasmus Lauritsen, Randers

Rasmus was one of the first in Denmark to develop Nitrox into breathing mixtures for diving. He began his career in 1992 and in 1998 he started his own diving centre, today called Nortech Diving Denmark. The dive centre developed itself over the years from a recreational dive centre towards more of a technical dive centre. Nortech Diving Denmark is the main dealer of VR3 in Denmark. Rasmus has always been fascinated by the concept of technical diving and especially closed circuit rebreather’s of which he has been using since 1999 today he is
an IANTD IT and Trimix instructor on several types of manufactured rebreather’s. As Nortech Diving Denmark
specialises in rebreather diving, offering Ouroboros training in this part of the world was the next step for the company.

Contact Rasmus on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
John Thornton

Orkney United Kingdom
John started diving in the seventies and worked commercially for several years before starting business as a
boat captain chartering to the famous wrecks of Scapa Flow. He now runs Karin. He was one of the first technical mixed gas instructors in the UK and has taught hundreds of courses since the early nineties. John was a member of the Kevin Gurr's expedition to Britannic in 1997 and has run several exploratory expeditions of his own around Scotland and as far a field as the Java Seas. Johns teaching is based very much on the practical side of things and his use of Karin means the courses are very much oriented in the sea and on wrecks. He is a great believer that instruction should be undertaken in the environment that you intend to dive in and the sheltered waters of Scapa Flow virtually guarantee this.

Contact John on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Paul Lijnen

Paul started a career in diving in 1980. His greatest passion still today is wreck diving, and enjoys exploring the wrecks off the North Sea. In 1985 he became an instructor and in the early 1990’s he was one of Europe’s first nitrox technical divers later becoming a rebreather diver with the aim of staying longer on shipwreck dives. Paul started technical diving with IANTD; he is now an ITT for almost every IANTD program. He is also the IANTD licensee holder for the Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. He has more than 10 years diving and teaching experience with all kinds of rebreathers and all kinds of environments. Alongside the IANTD licensee Paul is also the owner of Pro-diving a professional dive company with a shop, distribution facilities and an equipment repair department.

Contact Paul on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Mario Marconi

Phone: +39.347.3027647
Mario began his diving activities in 1993. In 1997 he has accomplished his first diving training with IANTD following his technical activities with the most famous technical agencies. In 2001 he became a PSA Advanced Deep Air Instructor and in then started with his deep caves explorations, with open circuit first and then moving to closed circuit. He is also using and studying the advantages of Heliox diluents for closed circuit deep cave exploration. In 2002 he co-developed and tested the SCR Passive addiction EDI2002 specially projected for cave dives in extreme conditions. Mario is an extended technical 100 instructor P.T.A./C.M.A.S, Full Cave Instructor Trainer P.T.A./C.M.A.S .and Ouroboros Level 5 Instructor A.N.D.I. Europe.

Contact Mario on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Raul Pijuan Perona

Phone: +34 686982862
Raul Pijuan Perona diving really took off in the mid 90's, and little by little as his technical knowledge expanded he become a technical diving and rebreather instructor.Raúl Pijuan, with sheer passion, gained experienced in professional diving and has now combined this with a dedication to the world of rebreather diving. Combining both these passions, Raúl Pijuan is currently a training instructor and one of those responsible for ANDI in Spain. With his experience as an instructor in rebreathers, Raúl Pijuan is the first instructor for the Ouroboros rebreather in Spain and continues to consolidate his professional career in the rebreather world.In 2003, he started his training in Rebreathers and he's currently in negotiation with other instructors for the development and translation of Spanish manuals in various levels of rebreathers diving. All this work he hopes will make units such as the Ouroboros and courses more accessible. There is a webpage for ANDI in Spain where all the courses and information about rebreathers can be consulted. (See link above)

Contact Raul on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Aldo Ferrucci

Italy / France
Phone: France +33 (0) 6 07272267
Italy +39 347 6024237
Aldo Ferrucci started diving in 1976 in Italy. He came in contact with technical diving in the early nineties and was instrumental introducing technical diving in Italy and in France. He later proceeded to rebreather diving in 1996, the same year he started up his own technical diving school in France teaching a broad scope of technical applications from nitrox to rebreather training for divers and instructors under the major technical agencies banners. He became TDI Instructor trainer in 1997 and since 2003 he’s been the regional manager for TDI & SDI for Italy and Switzerland. Aldo also alongside teaching dives deep wrecks and since 2000 he has organized diving expeditions all over the world with his ‘Xpedition Team’ including the first Italian Andrea Doria Expedition. From 2002 onwards Aldo has also focused his professional activities in testing and teaching SCR and CCR rebreathers.

Contact Aldo on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Jordi Mateo

Phone: +34617089535
Jordi Mateo is one instructor who is passionate about the rebreathers he teaches. He has been a pioneer in Spain and has definitively contributed to diffuse closed circuit technology to the Spanish speaking community in particular with his rebreather web material in Spanish. Since his first experience in 1997 with an Atlantis I, rebreathers have become an obsession and since been an avid collector of rebreathers and intends to one day build a museum dedicated to these technological pieces of equipment. Alongside his passion of collecting rebreathers he has optimized various rebreathers applying some interesting improvements. Jordi Mateo is an Instructor in all areas of commercial semi closed and fully closed circuit rebreathers and was one of the initial TDI Instructors in Spain. Today Jordi Mateo heads the rebreathers program for ANDI Spain..

Contact Jordi on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Gregg Stanton



USA +01 (850) 545-9198

Gregg Stanton has been involved with what is now called technical & rebreathers since 1974 after graduating from the (US Navy and University) Scientist-In-The-Sea Program. As a Diving Scientist, Gregg has been under Antarctic ice, H2SO4 Palau lakes, Vancouver reefs, Bahamas and Florida caves, historic (wrecks & motes) and natural (reefs and caves) sites and submerged crime scenes. After a career as a Marine Biologist and Diving Safety Officer at Florida State University, he has “retired” to pursue his passion: training the next generation of CCR enthusiasts. His training facility is located in the middle of Florida’s Cave Country, an ideal rebreather training environment where crystal clear, warm & calm water abound. The Gulf of Mexico also provides shallow and deep wrecks, including the Oriskany off Pensacola. His detailed 8 day rebreather training class will provide both the knowledge and skill needed to use CCR technology safely.

Contact Gregg on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Dave Cooper

Phone: +49 1605 310 313

Dave first learned to dive, in the military, in 1989, where he was first introduced to CCR. He is passionate about Closed Circuit Rebreather diving and training. He is an accomplished expedition diver and organiser, having led the first all-CCR expedition to dive the wreck of the USS Atlanta, in the Solomon Islands, in 2004, at a depth of 115 metres. He is a Mixed Gas CCR Instructor for a number of the main training agencies and a PSA Instructor Trainer at all levels. He has wide experience on, and teaches a number of electronic and manual rebreathers and with a firm background in adult education is able to tailor his courses, to suit the individual student. Based in North-Eastern France, he also offers training through a Geneva based facility and various locations throughout the UK. He can provide training in English and French.

Contact Dave on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Jakub Jirasek

Czech Republic

+420 724 175 209
Jakub started sport diving in 1996. From the year 2000 he became a passionate in technical diving. For IANTD Central Europe he introduced and promoted Nitrox and Trimix into the (technical) diving community in Central Europe. In this context he started diving with ECCR’s. He was one of the first (E)CCR divers in Central Europe. He is a certified trimix diver on CIS-Lunar MK5, Megalodon, MK15.5, Ouroboros and Mentes. In 2002 Jakub became an IANTD Advanced EANx Instructor and CCR Inspiration Instructor Supervisor. Currently Jakub provides the training and educational program for the Ouroboros rebreather under the flag of ANDI Europe and PTD. Jakub lives in Prague (Czech Republic) and can provide Ouroboros training in English and Czech throughout (Central) Europe and other parts of the world.

Contact Jakub on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Robin L Bashor

Colorado USA
970 481-755

Robin started diving in 1980 while serving with the United States Marine Corps. His experience has taken him from the western coast of the United States to the Japanese Islands, into the caves of Florida and the Yucatan, onto the USS Monitor, then back to the deep dark holes of New Mexico. He is the principal Instructor Trainer and President of Deeper Blue Scuba Inc. located in Fort Collins Colorado. The company provides manufacturer support and training to technical divers throughout the mountain and south central United States. Rebreather training is offered both onsite throughout the region and through scheduled programs conducted at sites located in New Mexico. He is a Regional Manager and Instructor Trainer for TDI and maintains a busy schedule training technical divers from the basics through closed circuit.

Contact Robin on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Gregory M. Such

Phone: Store: 920.482.0725
Phone Cell: 815.378.8152

Greg started recreational diving in college in 1991. His passion for the sport grew into a career and now is regarded as one of the best Technical Instructor Trainers with TDI/SDI. He works and teaches full time in the diving industry. Greg was a leader in instructing and making available for many Great Lakes divers: trimix and access to some of the most prestigious wrecks on the Great Lakes (Gunilda, Judge Hart, Carl D. Bradley) with his charter boat business. His experience includes cave surveying and exploration; shipwreck diving, research, documentation, museum projects, DVD production and filming. 15 years of professional teaching will show in your course and help you reach your goals. Being based out of Wisconsin gives Greg easy assess to reaching student all around the Midwest. His busy training schedule currently covers an 8 state area and he is willing to travel further to help you with your training needs.
Contact Greg on the above details.

Ouroboros Instructor
Fabio Bartolucci

Roma Italy
Rebreathers Diving Center
Via Amerigo Vespucci BOX 14/16A
Porto turistico "Marina di Nettuno"
00048 Nettuno (Roma)

Fabio Bartolucci started diving back in 1972 and was using Oxygen rebreathers a san instructor in commercial diving circles since 1975. In 1999 he begin rebreather diving modifing a Russian IDA series, in 2001 he began collecting  various oxygen and SCR rebreathers, like the Drager Dolphin, Ray  FGT 1-D, the japnese FIENO, and the french Oxymixgers. Today he owns no less than 10 different Oxygen rebreathers, 5 SCR rebreathers and 3 CCR rebreathers. Not to mention another 3 CCCR Russian rebreathers
In 2003 he became a TSA Azimuth SCR instructor, in 2005 with TDI he became a Dolphin, Ray and Azimuth instructor and a Azimuth AF Trimix instructor trainer. In 2006 he became a TDI Inspiration instructor ,TSA SCR instructor trainer and Trimix instructor .In 2007 with TDI he became a Megalodon instructor and ANDI Ouroboros instructor. Since 2003 he has built a facility for all rebreathers includine the Ouroboros in Nettuno (Roma) Italy.
Contact Fabio on the above details.


Ouroboros Instructor
Nadir Quarta

Locarno Switzerland
c/o Porto Regionale Locarno
Lungolago Motta
6600 Locarno
Tel: 41793597374
Born on Lake Maggiore Switzerland, Nadir caught the diving bug very early
but his real diving began in 1990 and he became an instructor in 1997. He
has been with IANTD since 1998 and had his first rebreather experience in
1999. Until 2005, when he fell in love with the Ouroboros, Nadir got a lot
of experience with some other Closed Circuit units. He's been diving VR
Technology products since the beginning, believing in their quality and
Between his many travels around he world he used to work for two Swiss
underwater contractors and now he is manager of a Marina. When he's not at
work or underwater he's sailing around the world.

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