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Ouroboros rebreather

Welcome to the Ouroboros closed circuit rebreather website. These pages will introduce you to our back mounted rebreather designed and built by VR Technology Ltd, a marine engineering company sharing over a decade of tested and proven software and electronic technology. You will also find many pages dedicated to the advancement and on-going design of closed circuit rebreathers in general. Ouroboros rebreather...... built to advance your diving.Some day all divers will use rebreathers! Well that's our theory at Closed Circuit Research Ltd (CCR) which is why we have developed our first generation CE approved rebreather.

The Ouroboros, built to ISO 9001 manufacturing standards and
available to the diving public. The Ouroboros back mounted closed circuit unit is already being dived by some of the worlds leading divers (see feedback) and is fast being dubbed the most advanced rebreather on the market today.

Diver using 2003 prototype Ouroboros rebreather Kevin Gurr teaching the Ouroboros rebreather in the Red Sea The Ouroboros closed circuit rebreather is a back mounted unit removing counter lungs from the chest and shoulders. Read more about the Unit click here >>
Technical support, users forum, upgrades and downloads!
VR Technology Ltd believe in their customers and their valid feedback which is why an Ouroboros rebreather is an on-going dynamic future investment due to the unit being fully software upgradable. As new technology and diving techniques become available, the Ouroboros can keep pace. The unit is designed and manufactured in Europe. All users have full factory technical support at all times in addition to the benefit of a private forum in which to share technical rebreather information and diving procedures from around the globe.
Welcome to the future of diving and customer care.

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