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Ouroboros Rebreathers by VR Technology
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Ouroboros rebreather technical information download page.......last update 5th Nov 2005
For Program Downloads Click here
Download manual Full Ouroboros Manual
PDF file... Download Full Ouroboros official manual version #g3
File size:- 4,498kb

Note:- Periodicals descend in date as from posting from here i.e latest post at very top.
NEW Universal Rebreather Monitors (Download pdf)

Download article by Leigh Bishop The full face mask system
PDF file... Full face mask for Ouroboros rebreather....file size:- 55kb
Download article by Leigh Bishop The Silent Red Sea
PDF file... Article on the subject of Ouroboros training by leigh Bishop
File size:- 212kb
Download absorbent canisters information Absorbent canisters
PDF file... Article on the subject of absorbent canisters by Kevin Gurr
File size:- 16kb
download rebreather fundamentals Rebreather Fundamentals
PDF file... Article on the subject of rebreather fundamentals by Kevin Gurr
File size:- 46kb
Download CE testing information Ouroboros CE testing
PDF file...CE testing information for the Ouroboros rebreather for European legislation approval
File size:- 233kb
Download article by PimVan der Horst Article of Ouroboros training.
PDF file... Article of Ouroboros rebreather by Pim van der Horst ( Dutch language) 730kb
File size:- 696kb

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