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Ouroboros Rebreathers by VR Technology
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About VR Technology
How does a rebreather work?

Closed Circuit Research is a company based in England that specialises in marine engineering and software based instrumentation for the diving industry. The company is an award winning business and are leaders in the field of underwater computer manufacturing. Our partner company designed and developed the popular VR3 dive computer employing over a decade of field tried and tested software which is now incorporated into the Ouroboros rebreather.

VR Technology manufactures sophisticated rebreather systems for today's advanced and testing diving environment. Technical divers, the world over, are exploring places where no one has been before. Closed Circuit Research provides the tools for these divers to make these explorations successful and safe.

divers decompressing in the Red Sea
Above; A group of divers using the
Ouroboros rebreathers in the Red Sea

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